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Maxon Gas Burners Industrial


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MAXON APX® Natural Gas Burners
Maxon APx Natural Gas Burner

MAXON APX® Natural Gas Burners are packaged nozzle mixing line burners designed for fresh or low temperature re-circulated air heating applications. The APX® Industrial Burner is a value engineered design utilizing a single aluminum extrusion for both its air and fuel manifolds. Its single-piece, joint-less body design provides standard straight gas burners up to 40 feet (12 meters), H-shaped burners, and grid shaped burners engineered to your specification. APX® burner construction provides years of maintenance free operation and lower cost of ownership than any other alternative.


MAXON CROSSFIRE Natural Gas Burners
Maxon Crossfire Natural Gas Burner

MAXON CROSSFIRE® Low NOx Burners comply to the world's toughest air quality standards for NOx and CO by cleanly combusting gaseous fuels. CROSSFIRE® Burners are nozzle-mixing, modular line burners designed for a variety of fresh and re-circulated industrial air process heating applications. The low NOx burner is available in straight, grid, and insert cartridge sections which are used to spread heat across your duct for very uniform temperature distributions.

The CROSSFIRE® Burner can be designed within a system to allow for up to 2,500,000 BTU/hr/ft (730 kW/ft)while producing extremely low emissions of both NOx and CO. You can combine CROSSFIRE® Low NOx Burners with SMARTFIRE® Intelligent Combustion Controls for optimal control of emissions and efficiency.


OvenPak 400 Series Burners
Maxon Ovenpak 400 Gas Burner industrial

MAXON's OVENPAK® 400 Series is the world's most flexible and reliable industrial burner. The OVENPAK® burns most any fuel gas and requires only low pressure fuel. This natural gas burner provides clean combustion with low NOx levels while providing unmatched turndown.

OVENPAK® Gas Burners provide outstanding performance in ovens and dryers, paint finishing lines, paper and textile machines, food baking ovens, coffee roasters, grain dryers, and fume incinerators.

OvenPak 500 Series Burners
Maxon Ovenpak 500 Gas Burner industrial

The OVENPAK® 500 natural gas burner burns clean fuel gases, light oils, or both at the same time. This industrial burner provides clean combustion with low NOx levels while maintaining exceptional turndown for precise temperature control in a wide variety of processes which include ovens and dryers, paint finishing lines, grain dryers, paper and textile machines, coffee roasters, food baking ovens, and fume incinerators.

OvenPak LE Series Burners
Maxon Ovenpak LE Gas Burner industrial

Four new sizes added for increased application flexibility - OPLE 5, 10, 70 and EB100

  • Operates on low gas supply pressures
  • Provides clean combustion with low NOx and CO levels
  • Compact burner design provides quick and easy installation
  • Balanced pressured design for easy commissioning and adjustment
  • Visible ignition action speeds commissioning and maintenance
  • High turndown for exceptional process control

Maxon Kinedizer LE Gas Burner industrial


  • Field proven low emissions. State-of-the-art low NOx firing - adjustable for application flexibility
  • Lower NOx and less excess air than standard KINEDIZER® burners
  • Rugged design for oxidizers, process heaters, kilns, furnaces, dryers, waste incineration and other high temperature applications
  • Available in a wide range of capacities, each with turndown as high as 20:1
  • Burns natural gas, propane or other fuel gases
  • Provides excellent stirring and mixing with its medium velocity exhaust

KINEMAX® Medium Velocity Industrial Burners
Maxon Kinemax Medium Velocity Gas Burners

KINEMAX® Industrial Burners provide a higher velocity discharge that promotes stirring within your furnace to improving both temperature uniformity and workload penetration. When used in conjunction with MAXON's MICRORATIO® Control Valves, a KINEMAX® Natural Gas Burner may be adjusted to fire on-ratio throughout the firing range or set to give a choice between on-ratio and excess air or excess fuel firing. As high as 4700% excess air is possible at minimum capacity.


Gas Burner Maxon Tube o Flame industrial

MAXON's TUBE-O-FLAME® industrial burners provide clean, low NOx heating for tube firing. The TUBE-O-FLAME® burns most fuel gases inside an array of tubes to provide reduced fuel consumption and better process response. The low horsepower requirements reduce operating costs, and produce clean combustion with outstanding reliability.

TUBE-O-FLAME® natural gas burners ensure improved performance for industrial washers, dip tanks, water-bath heaters, solution tanks, and asphalt tanks.

Gas Burner Maxon Tube o Therm industrial

The MAXON TUBE-O THERM® burner-to-tube direct firing system provides uniform heat transfer, eliminates "hot spots", and produces faster bring-up times than all other tube burners. This industrial burner fires directly into smaller-bore, less expensive tubes and burns butane, , propane or natural gas with reduced levels of NOx and CO.
TUBE-O THERM® gas burners ensure improved performance for industrial washers, dip tanks, water-bath heaters, and solution tanks.


GAS SHUT OFF VALVES Electro-Mechanical Gas
Electro-Mechanical Gas Shut Off Valves

These electrically actuated valves shut off gas or oil lines in less than one second. All shut off valves come equipped with MAXON's long-lasting metal-to-metal seating. A variety of optional body materials and body connections provide reliable operation even for highly corrosive fuels and for oxygen. Application flexibility is provided with 3/4" through 6" diameter line sizes, Cv flow factors up to 1230, and line pressures up to 125 PSIG (8.6 bar).


Electro-Mechanical Gas - Valve Model Number Description on page 5, Cross Reference on page 6.

Maxon Smartlink DS Actuator

The SMARTLINK® DS provides highly accurate positioning, with continuous duty, maintenance-free operation. The SMARTLINK® DS offers many advantages and flexible feature configurations, making it well-suited for a myriad of industrial applications. It is a general purpose control actuator designed for the precise control of air, fuel, gas, steam, chemicals and liquids for industrial combustion applications, as well as for general industrial process control applications.
All models provide highly reliable, precise and repeatable operation with continuous modulation.


SMARTLINK® MRV Electronic Ratio Valves
Maxon Smartlink MRV Actuator

Today's advanced industrial burner systems minimize emissions while maximizing efficiency. Advanced combustion systems require advanced ratio control through a high degree of precision, repeatability and durability. SMARTLINK® MRV flow control valves provide that control and more. An electronic parallel positioning system for air/fuel ratio control, SMARTLINK® MRV is the industry standard in gas valves when operational reliability and precision are required.


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