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  Industrial Operator Interface Controls and more

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Industrial Operator Interface Controls
Industrial Chart Thermal and Digital Recorders
     Recorders (3)
  • Single & Dual Displays
  • Control and alarm outputs
  • DIN Rail Mount Controllers
  • DR - 5000 Models: Thermal and Ink
  • CR - 06 Style
  • VR - 18 Series
Industrial Operator Interface Controls
 nCompass intuitive operation, user configurable
with "slide nav" finger navigation similar to smart
devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.) or as a traditional
drop down menu system, requires less training and
minimizes operator error. A Help icon on every page
with "touch flow" finger scrolling provides the user
content sensitive information for every function.
  • PID control system
  • 4.3" color touch screen
  • operator interface embedded SCADA and LAN features
Industrial Operator Interface Controls
  • 10" Color Touch Screen
  • Nema4 touch interface
  • Embedded SCADA and
    control interface system